Erinji Temple and the village associated with Shingen

This course has a large number of historic shrines and temples, such as the Erinji Temple which was the family temple of Takeda Shingen, the Hokoji Temple which was opened by Yasuda Yoshisada of the Kai-Genji clan, and the Matsuo-jinja Shrine which is over a thousand years old. It is also a course which will allow you to enjoy the scenery of the countryside, such as the old streets and their nostalgic atmosphere, water mills turning in the current leading to the Oyashiki weir (across the old irrigation channel) as well as the stone structures sitting on the roadside (some with persimmons hanging up to be dried in November)

Approx. 3.7km. Approx. 1 hr. 10 min.

Erinji Temple
Approx.0.1km Approx.2min.
Takeda Shingen Museum
Approx.0.3km Approx.5min.
Kumano-jinja Shrine
Approx.0.4km Approx.7min.
Matsuo-jinja Shrine
Approx.0.2km Approx.3min.
The Old Muto Brewery
Approx.0.5km Approx.10min.
Ryukoin Temple
Approx.0.7km Approx.13min.
Hokoji Temple
Approx.0.1km Approx.2min.
The Nishi-Fujiki Water Mill
Approx.0.7km Approx.14min.
Former Chichibu Okan Road
Approx.0.7km Approx.14min.
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