Takeda Historic Sites and Modern Heritage Sites (Kai-Yamato Sta.)

Katsuyori's Final Path It is said that Takeda Katsuyori escaped to this land after he set fire to the Shinpu-jo Castle (Nirasaki) in March 3, 1582. The outward journey of the course will see you follow the final path walked by Katsuyori and his party in March 11.

Approx. 6.9km Approx. 2~3 hours

Kai-Yamato Sta.
Approx.0.1km Approx.1min.
Statue of Takeda Katsuyori
Approx.0.6km Approx.10min.
Mishima-jinja Shrine
Approx.1.5km Approx.27min.
Approx.0.7km Approx.14min.
Toriibata Battlefield
Approx.0.1km Approx.2min.
Approx.1km Approx.19min.
Keitokuin Temple
Approx.1.3km Approx.25min.
Remains of Arima Harunobu's Domiciliary Confinement
Approx.0.2km Approx.4min.
Hajikano Power Plant
Approx.0.7km Approx.12min.
Sasago Tunnel
Approx.0.5km Approx.9min.
Suwa-jinja Shrine (Hinatagu)
Approx.0.2km Approx.3min.
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