Hikawa / Katsunuma Post Town

- Visiting Koshu Kaido - On this course you will walk along the Hikawa river and vineyards and travel through the the history of Katsunuma, including such places as the remains of the Katsunuma clan Residence, which was owned by members of the Takeda Family, the Katsunuma Post Town, and the former Western-Style Tanaka Bank Building which was set up as the Katsunuma Post and Telegraph Office around 1897's, on the Koshu Kaido (one of the Five Kaido Roads which were established by the Edo Shogunate).

Approx. 3.7km Approx. 1 hr.

Koshu City Hall Katsunuma Branch
Approx.0.3km Approx.4min.
The oldest Koshu grape vine in Japan
Approx.0.2km Approx.3min.
Grave of the government army soldier, Kimura Takenori
Approx.0.6km Approx.10min.
Hikawa Groins
Approx.0.6km Approx.11min.
Iwai Bridge
Approx.0.1km Approx.2min.
Katsunuma clan Residence Remains
Approx.0.3km Approx.5min.
Koshu Kaido Katsunuma Post Town
Approx.0.2km Approx.3min.
Osadekoji Road
Approx.0.3km Approx.4min.
Former Tanaka Bank
Approx.1.3km Approx.23min.
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