The History of Wine

- Explore the Roots of Wine - This course goes around the birthplace of Japanese wine. Walking around here will allow you to understand the roots of Japanese wine, such as the Miyazaki Winery which was built in the home of Kotaro Miyazaki, who was a pioneer of the Japanese wine industry or Miyakoen which was once a vineyard for tourists, the Ryuken Cellar which was used by Tatsunori Tsuchiya to make wine.

Approx. 2.8km Approx. 50 min.

Koshu City Hall Katsunuma Branch
Approx.0.3km Approx.4min.
The oldest Koshu grape vine in Japan
Approx.0.2km Approx.3min.
Grave of the government army soldier, Kimura Takenori
Approx.0.7km Approx.13min.
Grape chiller (Stone Room)
Approx.0.5km Approx.8min.
The Ryuken Cellar
Approx.0.3km Approx.4min.
Wine Museum
Approx.0.1km Approx.0min.
Approx.0.9km Approx.16min.
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