The Fantastic Hometown of Ichiyo Higuchi (The Village of Ichiyo)

Why not take a stroll through the spiritual hometown (the birthplace of her parents) of Ichiyo Higuchi? Come and see the Jiunji Temple famous with its stone monument of Ichiyo Higuchi and almost 14 meters high Itozakura (a type of weeping cherry), the Hinata Yakushi Temple and the Takimotoin Temple. If you walk down the nostalgic mountain path, you will almost be able to see Ichiyo's mother and father in your mind as they hurried along the path leading to Edo in April, 1857. Looking down on Mt. Shio-no-yama which appears in the Kokin Wakashu anthology, when the peach blossoms spread all over, you can see as far as the Minami-Alps mountains, and you will surely think this place a paradise.

Approx. 7.4km Approx. 2 hr.

JR Enzan Sta.
Approx.2.7km Approx.51min.
Jiunji Temple
Approx.0.6km Approx.11min.
Mukokubo Hinata Yakushi Temple
Approx.0.3km Approx.6min.
Wonderful scenery
Approx.0.7km Approx.12min.
Takimotoin Temple
Approx.0.7km Approx.12min.
Nakahagihara Kyosenjo
Approx.0.1km Approx.1min.
Kankan Jizo
Approx.2.3km Approx.43min.
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