Village of the Gold Mining Group (South of Enzan Sta.)

This course includes a number of place names overflowing with historic significance, such as Ozo and Hateita. For over a thousand years the Tatenashi no Yoroi (Shieldless Armor), which is a national treasure and is housed in the Kandaten-jinja Shrine, has continued to look out over the history of Kai. Having survived the distinction of the Takeda Family, the armor has been handed down to this generation as a symbol of the family. This is said to have greatly owed to the local Gold Mining Group. The Group started operation of the Kurokawa Gold Mine during the prime years of Takeda Shingen, and the remains of their houses are scattered around this area still now. If possible, try to take a guided tour around this area to gain an even better understanding of its history.

Approx. 5.3km Approx. 1 hr. 30 min.

JR Enzan Sta.
Approx.0.6km Approx.11min.
Amekei Bridge / Amekei Ou Monuments
Approx.0.4km Approx.7min.
Akao's Koyasu Jizo (Guardian of Childbirth)
Approx.0.9km Approx.17min.
Ozo Residence/Ozo Park
Approx.0.4km Approx.7min.
Myozenji Temple
Approx.0.2km Approx.3min.
Wakamiya Hachiman-Daijinja Shrine
Approx.0.1km Approx.1min.
Gold Mining Group / Tanabe Family
Approx.0.4km Approx.7min.
Gold Mining Group / Kazama Family
Approx.1km Approx.18min.
Kandaten-jinja Shrine
Approx.0.2km Approx.4min.
The East Yamanashi Sericulture Historical Monument
Approx.0.1km Approx.1min.
Wadatsumi Peace Library
Approx.0.1km Approx.2min.
Gold Mining Group / Ikeda Family Residence Remains
Approx.0.9km Approx.16min.
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